Get your Beavers listening carefully to commands with this quick, active game.


Move any obstacles to the side of the room, or clear an area outside. Instruct everyone to move around the space at a brisk walk, changing direction often but watching where they are going so they don’t bump into each other.


Then, call out the first command: Caterpillar. This instruction means everyone needs to get onto their hands and knees and crawl along like a caterpillar. Get everyone to stand back up and walk normally again. The second command is Butterfly: Beavers should flap their arms as if they are butterflies who are flying. The final command is Pupae: your young people should pretend they are going into a chrysalis by curling up on the floor and staying very still.


Vary the commands and pick up the pace to see who is listening, or turn it into a competition by eliminating anyone who is too slow or does the wrong action. The Beaver Scouts themselves can also become the leader of the game, giving instructions to their peers.


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